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Corona Virus Update – Letter to Artists

Corona Virus Update – Letter to Artists

Dear Artists,

I have had discussions with the other committee members and have discussed to some of the artists taking part in this years NPOS and open trail regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic.
The outcome of our discussions has brought us to the regretful decision to postpone the printing of our 2020 brochures for the foreseeable future.

The decision to cancel are for several reasons as listed below:

  1. The expense of printing 25000 brochures (which if we were to go ahead, would need to go to the printers within the next two days) and the risk of a very low pickup rate due to lack of visitors during Easter and for the foreseeable future.
  2. As this year’s brochure is as much a directory for visitors to come and see artists in their home or studio throughout the tourist season, there is a high risk of low turnout of visitors and sales.
  3. Lack of outlets able to receive our brochures, due to closures of hotels, cafes, pubs, galleries etc.
  4. Our main concern, however, is the risk to artists and their families and likewise, visitors contracting the corvid 19 virus from close contact to those who might be infected.

We have already spent some of our funds on printing the logo discs and on designing the 2020 brochure.

Our plan is to review the situation month by month and if the medical synopsis that has been outlined so far remains bleak, we will make a decision to use the funds we have received, along with the brochure design, to prepare and invest for 2021. Members who have joined this year will have already paid and joined for the 2021 NPOS brochure and open trail.

We will also review the possibility of going ahead with the Open Trail in August. (subject to the ongoing situation and Government guidelines).

If the opportunity arises, we can print a single page leaflets advertising the Open Trail nearer the time.

I will keep you all informed on a monthly basis of any progress and decisions made.

Thank you for your time and support.

I hope you will all remain safe and healthy over the coming months.

Many Thanks
Andrew Brown
Project Coordinator

North Pembrokeshire Open Studios
Swmbarch House, Letterston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5UE

Telephone: 01348 840177
eMail: info@npopenstudios.co.uk

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