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2020 North Pembrokeshire Open Studios Letter to Artists

2020 North Pembrokeshire Open Studios Letter to Artists

Dear Artists,

Our first NPOS trail has been a great success with the vast majority reporting good visitor numbers and successful sales of artwork.

I have noted that one or two members were not so happy with the outcome and I will be more than happy to help to encourage a better outcome for those in 2020.

The reports from artists visitors and sales over the two weeks indicate that there is no real pattern other than it would seem that visitors would visit a number of studios in a cluster and more than one artist exhibiting at the same venue, yet we did have artists who were out on a limb but did very well and similarly, artists in the centre of towns and on the tourists route who would have been much happier with a lot less visitors (there’s no pleasing some people!).

Some suggestions for artists who may be more isolated than others would be to share a studio with other artists or share one or two pieces of each other’s work with other nearby artists and thus encouraging your visitors to call on the artist’s work in their nearby studio.

One major change for 2020 is that we will be advertising the open trail (22nd August – 6th September) On the inside cover of the brochure and naming the brochure on the front cover as “North Pembrokeshire Arts Guide/Open Studios”. This will enable those who wish to receive visitors throughout the tourist season and beyond, to do so subject to visitors contacting artists to arrange their visit.

It had been noted on several occasions that visitors were picking up the brochure only to return them saying that they would not be around during the open trail dates. We want the brochure to be a North Pembrokeshire directory for artists, as well as having an open trail during the August and September two weeks.

We will be producing the NPOS logo as a disc on dibond aluminium which can be fixed to a stake or hung from a tree too.

advertise your studio (included in the fee) plus NPOS arrows to help with directions.

We will again be printing 20 – 25,000 brochures, which will be promoted through a local distribution service on a drip feed system from a few weeks before Easter. Not only will we be promoting artists for the Open Studios fortnight but for the whole of the 2020 tourist season. The distribution will be down the M4 corridor as well as local tourist information centres (those still open!), bed and breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, art centres and galleries open to promoting art in Pembrokeshire.

For 2020 we will be holding our NPOS exhibition during the two-week Open Trail at The Refectory and Cloister Gallery, St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Please click the link: https://www.npopenstudios.co.uk/registration/ for our 2020 application form or www.npopenstudios.co.uk Please note the deadline of November 30th. We have a lot more artists wishing to join for next year and space will be limited so you are advised to submit your application form and payment as soon as possible. For 2019 members you will just need to fill in any changes you wish to make from your 2019 application form, plus new pics (Please use the application guidelines for further info).

As we are hoping for the brochure to be more of an Artists Directory in the future, it will be possible for artists to add much more info and images to the Artists profile page on the NPOS website.
I look forward to receiving your application forms in the coming weeks.

Many Thanks

Andrew Brown
Project Coordinator

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